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Frog Evaluations August 5th!

Frog Lacrosse Evaluations Frog Lacrosse will be holding evaluations for Year-Round AND Seasonal programming on August 5th, 2018 at the Savage Sport Center. Why Early August? Frog Lacrosse is focused on getting players out before September so that our families and staff have adequate time to plan for the month of September. By having our teams formed by the… Read More

Fall Classes Announced!

Frog Development Classes Frog Lacrosse is proud to announce our classes for this coming season. Our class schedule will be “a la carte” registration process so families can select different classes throughout a given season. the majority of our classes will be a single event, but there will be packaged events for special occasions and… Read More

Boys: Pre-Tryout Combine for High School Players this March!

Our Pre-Tryout Combine is back! Frog Lacrosse is excited to announce our pre-tryout combine for high school aged players getting ready for the MSHSL Season. This specific combine will be centralized around fundamental skills and position specific training. We understand the players have tryouts Monday and don’t need to be beat up before evaluations. Each… Read More

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